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Transform a Community and your Career with The Collective

Transform a Community and your Career:

Applying for jobs is not easy, especially when you get that dreaded e-mail informing you that you have just missed out due to strong competition. Why is it that after 3 or 4 years at a top university with a good degree your applications are still getting rejected? The answer is simple, with so many people graduating from University you need something that will help you stand out from the crowd. Employers want to see evidence of transferrable skills and be confident that you have the key competencies to succeed in the work place. Volunteering is a great way to gain these skills. With the right project and the right support you can build up evidence and experience in leadership, teamwork, problem solving among many others, all areas that employers are looking for. In fact in a survey by TimeBank carried out by Reed.co.uk in 2009 it was found that:

Over 70% of employers believe that those who volunteer have a better chance of earning a higher salary and gaining promotion 20% of employees said volunteering helped their communications skills, 19% said their team working abilities were improved and 10% said their time management had improved When recruiting, 80% of employers value volunteering on a CV

The Collective are recruiting top U.K. graduates who are seeking a career opportunity and have a passion for development. In January, those who are selected will have the opportunity to work as a consultant for the Craig Bellamy League in Sierra Leone. In the past three years the league has seen solid growth and now The Collective are looking for graduates to take it to the next level.

The league is unique in its set-up; points are not just gained for results but also for school attendance, fair play and participation in community projects. Like much of Africa, young people in Sierra Leone live and breathe football, and the league is utilising this passion for the development of the country.

Graduates will be responsible for taking a lead on the development of the team's PR and marketing strategy, supporting and training local staff as well as establishing networks to identify potential partnership opportunities. There is also chance to train with your team and travel to games at week-ends against other graduates teams, a real life 'fantasy football'. Placements are 3-months long and based in Makeni, you will live with other graduates and have opportunities to travel around the country. With the assistance of The Collective's regional managers, they will ensure that you will be able to evidence your key competencies as well as making a measurable impact on the league.

This is a unique opportunity of which there are only limited places. The Collective have a rigorous selection process and are looking for outstanding candidates who can hit the ground running. Those who are successful will continue to be supported by The Collective to convert their experience into genuine job opportunities on their return.

Please visit the website at www.thecollectiveSL.co.uk or e-mail The Collective: charlie@thecollectiveSL.co.uk for more information.