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Winter Snow Sport Insurance

Winter Snow Sport Insurance

Wednesday 7th November 2012

With the cold weather setting in, many of us may be thinking of booking our annual skiing holiday but how many of us are aware of the importance of adequate winter snow sport insurance?

In a recent survey which was carried out and reported on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website it appears that a third of people who are taking their first ski holiday aren’t actually fit enough to be hitting the slopes! This is a staggering statistic and shows that many first time skiers and snowboarders have not prepared physically for the demanding holiday ahead of them.

From the number of people injured, 31% caused serious damage to themselves such as breaking their leg with 73% being hurt by falling, 20% by colliding with another skier and 38% by not wearing the proper ski outfit or having the most appropriate equipment for their size and build.

This just shows the importance of winter snow sport cover… not just to protect against your own accident but against accidents caused by other people!

A year ago, Gapwork.com reported that only 31% of people take out travel insurance when taking a snow sport holiday. Winter sports can be a dangerous pursuit for those experienced as well as those who are inexperienced; and for the many thousands of travellers, gap year workers and holidaymakers who head to the mountains to enjoy the snow this may be a worrying thought.

But be sensible and consider that if you are injured when skiing or snowboarding that your medical bill is likely to run into thousands of pounds. If you require rescuing from the top of a mountain by helicopter it could cost you many more times the cost of your holiday. The cost of rescue, repatriation and medical fees vary from country to country too. In Italy a broken leg can cost you £4,000 but a spinal injury in Argentina around £23,000.

So, remember the importance of taking out adequate travel insurance that specifically covers winter snow sport. Don’t forget as with all important travel documents to read the small print to ensure that you are comprehensively covered. For example, off-piste skiing requires extra insurance cover and being involved in an accident or causing one while under the influence of alcohol can invalidate your insurance too.

But why not get some practice in before you leave to go on your snow holiday by skiing or snowboarding at your local dry or indoor snow slope? Take some lessons with friends and try to reduce the risk of you having any accidents on holiday.

Visit our travel insurance page for more information on where to find great winter sport travel insurance.