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Brilliant clear blue water, coves and spectacular scenery

Wednesday 6th April 2011

All travellers abroad will appreciate a great beach, and you don’t necessarily have to jet off all the way to Thailand to find some fantastic places to soak up the sun. Europe has a long and varied coastline to boast about and Croatia’s coast along the Adriatic ocean stands out as one of the best to enjoy. If you’re looking for a swim and a sunbath here are some of the top beaches in Croatia to consider visiting on your trip abroad:

Brela Beach

Breka beach is found just south of Split. It has six kilometres of pebbly beach and rocky outcrops that create very private little coves to enjoy. Because it’
s made up mostly of pebbles the sea is crystal clear and the scenery is further enhanced by the pine trees that hide the coves from the roads and resort hotels.

Hvar Beach
Croatia has many beautiful islands all of which are accessible by the daily passenger ferry or boat and of course have a fantastic choice of beaches. Hvar town is in the middle of the Hvar Riviera, a group of beautiful islets in the Adriatic. The Pakleni Islands have very private beaches and shady coves for visitors to relax on.

Dubrovnik beaches
There are plenty of refreshing beaches to pop down for a swim in and around Dubrovnik. Even if you’
re just visiting for the day it’s easy to cool down on the beaches in the town as they’re all accessible and popular spots. Further afield Lokrum beach is conveniently located and you can take a taxi boat from Dubrovnik’
s old harbour to get there, an experience in itself.

Gap year work in Croatia
If you’re looking for a gap job in Croatia there are quite a few options. From working in bars and restaurants, to training to become a surf or diving instructor, a temporary hospitality job in one of the hundreds of hotel resorts, campsites or holiday apartment companies should offer the opportunity to explore Croatia too. You’ll be able to pick up some of the language while you’re there as well as enjoy a much better and sunnier climate than at home in the summer. Croatia, as a country is steeped in history too, having survived several recent wars. Towns like the Dubrovnik, with its red roofed towers and turrets, thick fortifications and courtyards, have had to have been rebuilt. And its people, the buildings, traditions and culture have resurfaced with renewed vigour.