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Why Book Online? Travel Tips for UK Backpackers & Gap Years

Latest Essential Travel Statistics for UK Backpackers & Gap Year Travel

Thursday 29th September 2011

Go online for the best travel deals, holiday offers and most convenient ways to book your gap year travel

According to the latest research figures from the EU 39% of UK travellers went abroad this year, 33% of them on long haul trips, and out of the 74% of UK householders who have internet access at home, nearly two-thirds of these UK travellers made use of online travel and accommodation services (according to the Office of National Statistics cited by eMarketer, September 2010). Predictably this year's stats will have grown significantly due to the huge increase in use of mobile devices used to access the internet on the move too. The arrival of mobile devices that can run travel apps have further revolutionized the way holidays can be booked and travelling abroad can be undertaken.

So what could this mean for the travel industry in general? It shows that travellers are choosing the easiest and quickest method to book their trip abroad by using the internet to research, buy, reserve and plan their journeys. It could mean there are less high street holiday retail outlets, fewer glossy brochures to flick through at leisure, when, instead the travel industry are investing in creating fantastic mobile apps. If potential travellers can do all their travel research and booking while they are on the move, it's even better. It saves time, is extremely convenient and, if you use comparison websites, you can be reassured that you are getting the best deal and the cheapest possible flights too.

Researching and booking your gap year trip abroad can now be done from the comfort of your bus home from college, or by visiting the websites of any one of the great gap year travel specialist organisations listed in the Gapwork advertiser directory today.