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How to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad - Top Tips

How to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad - Top Tips

Wednesday 17th October 2012

Gapwork.com gives you 10 top ways to stay safe while travelling...

Taking a gap year abroad will be an experience like no other. However, you need to be careful when travelling to ensure your safety as well as your travel companions’ you meet on the way. Below we list the top 10 ways to stay safe while travelling:

1. Keep Your Cash Safe

It is recommended that you just carry the cash on you that you require for that particular point in time as well as keeping the cash you have out of sight of others.

2. Keep Your Identity Safe

Your passport is one of the most important documents you will have on you when travelling so it is important to keep this document save at all times. Make sure that you always know where your passport is. It is advisable that you keep your passport separate to your luggage as if this gets lost or stolen you will still have your passport to prove your identity and help you travel about.

3. Only Have On You, What You Need

If you carry a backpack around you are alerting local thieves that you are a tourist, so once you have arrived in your gap year destination you should travel light. Also, make sure that your wallet/purse is kept close to your body at all times so that it will be hard for potential pickpockets to take these items.

4. Don’t Carry Valuables

Again don’t draw attention to yourself by carrying valuable items such as expensive jewellery.  Make sure that you put these items in safes in the accommodation to ensure their safety. Although, you should consider whether you need to carry such items on your year away.

5. Understand the Local Customs and Culture

Understanding the place where you are travelling is important as you will learn about the local customs and culture. This way you will know what is acceptable and won’t land yourself in any danger both physically and with the local authorities for example for offenses like driving on the wrong side of the road.

6. Know Where You Are Staying

You could be stopping at so many places that it can be easy to forget where you are staying when you are travelling. A handy piece of advice is to pick up a piece of stationary or leaflet from the accommodation you are staying at that has the address on and keep this with you as a reminder.

7. Avoid Strangers and Unlicensed Taxis

Obviously you want to make friends while you travel but you also need to be careful about who you meet and where. It is recommended that you don’t get into an unlicensed taxi with someone that you don’t know.

8. General Travel Safety

As well as not getting into an unlicensed taxi it is advisable that you don’t try and hitch hike and avoid travelling at night where possible. If you do decide to hire a car then when you are travelling lock the doors in areas you are unsure of and keep the windows up and boot locked.

9. Beware of Scams

Scams can be hard to spot but some ones that are often tried include thieves posing as tour guides offering to show you around the city. Also be vigilant against people slipping drugs into your drinks by keeping an eye on your drink at all times.

10. Know Your Exit Routes

Finally wherever you stay make sure that you are aware of the emergency exits and as well as the emergency plans for your accommodation.