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Avoiding Expensive Mobile Phone Charges When Abroad

Avoiding Expensive Mobile Phone Charges When Abroad

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

There have been many stories in the press regarding the cost of mobile phone charges when travelling. The expensive charges are due to the rise in popularity of smart phones and a number of extra charges that mobile phone companies put on it when we are travelling.

The most common types of charges that travels get hit with include:

  • Roaming charges associated with travelling abroad
  • The consumption of extra phone minutes and charges when voicemail facilities are checked
  • Downloading pay-for apps while travelling
  • Texting and going on the Internet too much when travelling

To avoid the shock of an expensive mobile phone bill during your gap year travels Gapwork.com offers the following advice:

Turn off your phone

The easiest way to avoid unnecessary mobile phone charges is to turn off your phone when you don’t require it and only use when really required.

Turn off your voicemail

Voicemail charges can be a hidden mobile phone cost that is often overlooked. It is therefore recommended that you turn off your voicemail facility to reduce unnecessary charges for this.

Consider buying a pre-paid SIM card

If you are staying in one destination for a while it is worthwhile considering buying a pre-paid SIM card in that country. This will not only give you control over your mobile phone charges but also give you a local phone number which will be charged at a local roaming rate rather than an international one.

Disable your data roaming function

You should definitely disable your data roaming functionality as international data roaming can work out to be expensive when travelling. If you want to go on the Internet on your phone you should look for local wireless hotspots in your hostel and in public places.

Speak to your mobile phone provider

You should speak to your mobile phone provider to let them know that you are going travelling. Many networks offer overseas deals and options which may be worthwhile considering.

Use Skype to phone home

Instead of using your mobile phone for communication, why not visit an Internet café and use Skype to speak with friends and family members at home? Skype is free and easy to use.