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Advice For Finding Work In Australia

Advice For Finding Work In Australia

Tuesday 13th November 2012

When you travel abroad it can be a daunting prospect of having to look for work once you land in your chosen destination.

Whether you are a gap year student, career break traveller or working holidaymaker the idea of having to look for work is the same, and the process the same as well.

If you are planning on travelling to Australia it is important that you consider your work options in Australia before you leave and prepare a plan of action for when you arrive.

If you would like everything pre-planned then you should consider looking for an organisation that can help you with working holiday visas, accommodation on arrival as well as job seeking assistance. Some organisations can even help you set-up a bank account, tax number and mobile phone access. This will be invaluable if you are a nervous traveller or like to be very organised and planned for your gap year.

However, should you want to find work in Australia yourself it is recommended that you register with a recruitment agency. Remember, you can do this whilst you are still in the UK by visiting their website and completing an online registration form. This will get you access to any job search and email alert facilities they may have and if you register with a large agency their job listings will most likely cover the vast majority of Australia. Registering before you leave the UK will give you a head start but, of course, there is no substitute for being there, so don’t expect any jobs to come knocking until you show your face.

Additionally, you need to:

  • Decide where you would like to live in Australia and whether this is in the city or countryside as this will determine the type of work that you can apply for. If you want to work in the city but live in the countryside you will need to make sure there is good transport links from where you live or you will need to make sure you can afford to purchase and drive a car.
  • Consider if the job requires qualifications. If the job you want requires qualifications then get these checked out by an appropriate authority in Australia to ensure that they can be used in the country. The last thing you want is for your qualifications not to be accepted and this to slow down your job hunting process.
  • Remember that you need an Australian Tax File Number before you can work in Australia, so contact the tax office to get one. Also, make sure you have a permanent address and bank account as well as the appropriate Australian working holiday visa.