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Summer Camp Jobs in the USA

There are ways of having a job lined up before you go. There are many summer camp jobs available through organised schemes such as:

Summer Camp USA - Camp counselling that's open to students and non-students between 18 and 35, you need to have experience of working with children and be available for at least nine weeks from early/mid-June to mid-August. You get at least $820 or $880 (over 21) in-hand salary. Includes flight, food and lodgings.

BUNAC's Kitchen and Maintenance Programme (KAMP), is for students who want to experience summer camp life but don't want to work directly with children. This placement includes a J-1 visa, free food and accommodation and an in-hand salary of $900. There’s also the option to travel round North America for up to six weeks after camp. You must be at least 18 and a current full time student or a gap year student with an unconditional offer.

American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS) offers Camp America (working in a summer camp) and Camp America Work Adventures (seasonal work at restaurants and resorts).

Camp USA serves as the central contact point for camps, participants and sponsoring agencies. They recruit applicants who are skilled, hard working and 'dedicated to the ideals of camping' - are you?