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Internships in the USA

InternshipAn 'internship' is the US term for a period of practical work experience.

You can only do a work experience programme with an organisation like BUNAC that can issue the DS-2019 form, which you need to then apply for a J-1 visa. If the program you're doing includes training, teaching, research or paid employment of some kind, then you're allowed to do this work on a J-1 visa.

BUNAC's Overseas Practical Training Programme (OPT) the YMCA of Greater New York provides sponsorship to let you get a J-1 visa for this vocational business programme. The placement lasts for 3 to 18 months and you get really practical experience working in an office environment. The placement will give you skills and training in an area that is closely linked to your area of study or your career.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) also provides an Internship USA Programme which means that you can work and learn on the job with a US employer for anything up to 18 months. It’s very vocational and has to be connected to your area of study or future career.

Cultural Cube offers 12 to 18 month internships in hospitality and business training for students, graduates and professionals.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) offers degree level students the opportunity to get work experience in the US. Your degree should be in science, engineering, technology, applied arts or related fields. There are some placements available for language students interested in teaching English abroad. You apply for the scheme in November and then go the following summer. You don't have to pay to go on it but you will need to pay for your flights and insurance. It’s worth knowing that some universities offer financial help for these kind of exchanges.

Mountbatten Internship Programme - If you fancy working in an office in New York for a year, then the Mountbatten Internship Programme could be for you. You'll get a Certificate in International Business at the end, and some fantastic experience to put on your CV.