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Temporary Jobs

Find Temporary Work During Your Holiday Or Gap Year

The summer time is a great time to find a seasonal job either abroad or in the UK. Lots of employers in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors are looking for holiday and resort staff in their bars, hotels and restaurants or at theme parks, amusement parks and tourist attractions.

If you are taking a whole year out why not combine the best of both worlds by working for a summer in the UK or on mainland Europe, saving some cash then head out to Australia or New Zealand to work their high season from September?

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Companies that can help you find temporary jobs

EA Ski & Snowboard

EA Ski & Snowboard

With 29 world class resorts to choose from EA Ski & Snowboard Training are offering you the chance to join our paid ski or snowboard instructor internships where you will receive a guaranteed job offer, full training & certifications. If you’ve been thinking about a gap year in the mountains, a career break, or struggling to get into the ski industry, we have a program to suit you. Click ‘visit our website’ to download our instructor starter guide and learn more about how you can get paid to ski this winter. 

Find out more Visit their website

Pod Volunteer

Pod Volunteer

Volunteer at an award winning non-profit organisation arranging ethical and supported projects at animal sanctuaries, conservation and community initiatives around the world. The expert and friendly Pod Volunteer team are here to help you and have all volunteered themselves!

Find out more Visit their website


Best Temporary Job Options - Top Tips

  • Volunteer Abroad - ok so it's not actually a "job" as such but boy will it be rewarding! Voluntary projects are a fantastic way to improve your skills, your CV and your life experience,and placements can last anything from one week to six months. Check out our Gap Year ideas section for more info.

  • USA Summer Camps and Temporary Jobs - there are plenty of organisations based in the UK that will help to set you up with a job in the USA, and there are plenty of students who choose to take the chance and love it. The organisation you choose will help you will all aspects, including getting a working visa, and once you have finished the job, you can spend a few weeks travelling - probably with new friends! 

  • European and Worldwide Holiday Resort Jobs - The good old "Holiday Rep" may not seem so appealing but summer holiday resort work does not end there. Plenty of young people flock to Spain, France, Italy and other European destinations every summer in search of any kind of temporary work - but plan early because you will not be alone! 

  • Head for Australia - let's face it, Australia is the favourite destination for UK backpackers so choosing to head Down Under is not a difficult choice. It's much easier to get a working holiday visa than America and there is a labour shortage in certain sectors, particularly in agricultural and fruitpicking work. You can pick fruit for as long as you like, although it can be hard work, so be prepared for proper physical, manual work.

  • Adventurous Jobs - if you have a yearning for adventure, consider being a tour guide or trek leader working for one of the many adventure tour operators. Check out our Adventure section for more info.

If You Have Jobs Skills, Use Them!

Finding a temporary summer job may not be too much of a struggle if you consider what skills you have and then apply for jobs requiring them. Write down your skills on a piece of paper, you may be surprised at what you can do. If you have office skills including typing, microsoft office, customer service experience then register with some temporary office job agencies; if you have IT skills including computer maintenance, programming, networking, internet skills then register with specialist IT agencies; if you have experience in the hospitality industry, working behind a bar, waiter/waitress experience then look for similar work overseas; finally if you like entertaining and customer relationships consider working at a holiday resort.

Here at Gapwork we reckon your perfect temporary job will give you both money and experience. You will love it, it will be relevant to what you either want to do at University or in your career, it will give you loads of great new skills and experiences that you can put on your CV to wow employers with, and it will earn you the money you need. Of course, you may not find that job, you'll have to be flexible and there will be competition but we've yet to hear from someone who took the plunge, got a holiday job overseas and wished they'd worked in Tesco's instead!

Good luck!