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Teaching Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand has a shortage of teachers in secondary education. Areas such as maths, science and information technology are particularly under staffed. Around 35% of all overseas teachers in New Zealand are from the UK. If you are a primary school teacher, you will find the most opportunity for work in Auckland.

Teaching Jobs in Auckland

Auckland is a good place to find supply work for supply teachers at both primary and secondary level. Elsewhere in New Zealand the demand for primary school teachers has lessened, but in Auckland they are still required. However, the real demand is for secondary level teachers, particularly in maths and science subjects. Listed below are employment agencies that help teachers from overseas find supply or contract work:


  • Oasis - 09 303 3616
  • Select Education - 09 300 7408
  • Teach International - 09 302 5343

Teaching Jobs in Wellington


  • Education Personnel - 04 387 9988

Teaching Jobs in Christchurch

  • Quick Help Services for Schools - 03 981 0235
  • Capita Education - 03 384 7239