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Gap Year Jobs and Work Abroad

Finding Work Abroad Is Easy When You Plan Ahead

There are lots of opportunities for those planning a working holiday or gap year and finding work overseas helps you to experience the local culture, cover your costs while you are away and get some brilliant work experience.

The secret is to plan carefully, so use the expertise of the organisations on Gapwork.com to make sure you are getting maximum bang for your buck, whether that's from your working holiday visa or a volunteering placement.

Check out the options below for specific jobs abroad by choosing a place that you would like to work in... AustraliaNew ZealandCanadaUSAEurope ... the world is your oyster!


What Are The Most Popular Jobs To Do On A Gap Year?

Usually a gap year job involves working abroad although there is no reason why a great gap year job in the UK or at home wouldn't count on your CV or give you some great work experience.

However, here is Gapwork.com's list of some of the best work options abroad for travellers and backpackers:

Bar Work in Sydney, Australia

Not hugely glamorous but bar work jobs are a great way to meet people, earn some cash and have a life during the day if you work evening shifts. Cities like Sydney or Melbourne have loads of bars, pubs and hotels that employ backpackers and travellers on a working holiday visa. If you are planning on doing some bar work while you are in Australia then it might be worth getting some support from a company who work with backpackers, like the ones featured in our gap year jobs Australia page.

Ski Instructor Work in Canada

Finding a job as a ski instructor in Canada is much more straightforward when you do some training first with an established organisation like those on our gap year jobs Canada page. Working as a ski instructor on your year out is a great way to get outdoors, get fit, meet new people and brush up on your teaching and communication skills. Canada is an amazing destination for anyone interested in ski and snowboard courses, with some of the best ski conditions in the world. If you can see yourself working for a season at a top resort like Whistler or Banff, then find out more about the International Experience Canada visa programme, which means you can travel and work in the country on your gap year.

Teach English in Europe

Europe is such a diverse mixture of countries that you could be spoilt for choice. Working as a TEFL teacher enables you to find work in language schools across the continent from Paris, to Madrid, to Berlin and beyond. You can find a teaching job in Europe through one of the many TEFL training courses, which qualify you to teach abroad and don't require you to be a graduate or a qualified teacher. Most language schools will want you to teach for as long as possible, so this is great option if you are looking for longer term work in one place, in order to really experience life in a foreign country.

Seasonal Summer Work in Spain

If you are outgoing, hardworking with loads of energy, then finding a job as a holiday rep for a summer season could be the dream gap year job for you! Spain is one of Europe's most popular summer tourist destinations, with months of great weather and a large tourist industry that needs staffing. Working as a holiday rep is definitely not the easy option, but for the right kind of person it gives you the chance to meet people, to work on your customer service skills and get one hell of a tan. The resorts in the south of Spain on the beaches have lots of hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs that recruit in the run up to the summer months.

Ranch Work in America

If outdoors living and the countryside is more your thing, then America has some fantastic opportunities for working on a ranch or in one of the national parks. Our gap year jobs America page features organisations that can help you work in the USA and find all kinds of different jobs on your year out. If you don't fancy a whole year out, America offers plenty of opportunities for summer jobs, including working with young people on summer camps.

Volunteer Work in a Third World Country

If you are more interested in working in a developing country, then you can do so as a volunteer through one of the many organisations in our Volunteering section. This kind of work doesn't involve getting paid as such but it is a realistic way of getting to work and travel in some of the world's least explored destinations.

Remember... finding a gap year job is not a problem, the hardest part is actually deciding what you want to do!