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Resort Jobs in Canada

Winter Resort Jobs in Canada

The ski season runs from November to May and in Canada there are many resorts that holds open days around September looking for new temporary staff. Many of the resorts have very active staff activity programmes which include day trips, sports outings, karaoke, skydiving and lots of parties!

Your motivation to work a winter season in a resort should be a love of winter sports, job satisfaction and the desire to do something different and challenging for a while. If you are thinking of working a ski season in order to save lots of money or pay back debts then think again, as the wages are not going to stretch to that! Some of the resorts include accommodation with the employment contract and deduct the cost from your wages. Others do not include accommodation and it will be up to you to sort it out, and arrange transport to and from work.

Summer Resort Jobs in Canada

During the summer you can still find work in large resorts. When the snow goes around April time, the resorts simply change tack and offer golf facilities, fishing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, hiking - anything in fact, that involves people being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Whether you are a trained canoeing instructor, have hotel reception experience, or simply want to wait tables or work in a shop, these resorts have plenty of opportunities.

Remember that most employers won’t offer you a job before you have your work permit. This is why most people find it easiest to get the SGWHP permit through BUNAC, rather than try to organize it themselves. Employers will be reluctant to try to prove to the HRDC (Human Resource Development Canada) that there are no Canadians able to take the job they have offered to you.