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Gap Work Options in Canada

On a SGWHP permit, you can do any kind of work in Canada. The nature of the programme means however that as a student, or gap year traveller you are likely to be looking for temporary work that doesn’t require you to be fully qualified or very experienced. The resorts in Canada are full of working Aussies and Brits putting up with a minimum wage and long hours in return for as much snow-based activity as they can lay their skis on.

It’s not just about winter sports and outdoors activities though. Canada’s cities offer plenty of opportunities for better-paid work with temp agencies or major employers. If you have good office skills then use them to earn some cash while you are in the city. If you have worked in a bar before you can pick up bar work much more easily in cities than you can in the mountain resorts, where everyone is after the same job. Retail work is also easy to find in the cities, particularly in the run up to Christmas. So if its wages you need, rather than a free ski pass, head for the towns and cities of Canada.

If you are more highly skilled, maybe a graduate with an IT background, or a qualified nanny, then it could be that different (more favourable) work permit requirements apply to you.  This is due to labour shortages in particular areas of the Canadian economy.

Ski JobsSki Jobs in Canada

The ski season in Canada generally runs from November to April and if you want to work during this period you will need to be prepared to commit yourself to working the full season.  The benefits of a ski job in Canada are numerous with the most attractive reasons being that you often get your accommodation and ski pass included in the job package.

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Resort JobsResort Jobs in Canada

There are summer and winter resort jobs available in Canada for backpackers and travellers who love the great outdoors. Decide whether it’s a winter ski resort that takes your fancy where you are able to ski and snowboard or if a summer job playing golf or fishing, canoeing or sailing is for you.

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Harvest JobsHarvest Jobs in Canada

If you want to get involved with the land then why not look to take a harvest job when taking a gap year in Canada? You can learn about the harvesting process while working and choose the pace that you want to work at as wages are piece-work.

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Whistler HotelHotel Work in Canada

If you want to work in a hotel in Canada then don’t forget that if you speak a foreign language this will put you in high demand. This is especially important if you want to work in a hotel in Montreal for example as you will need to speak French. Don’t forget to show your willingness to learn another language as this will put you in good stead.

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Internship and Work ExperienceInternship and Work Experience in Canada

Have you considered looking for internship or work experience to help you on your travels through Canada? You can ‘do it yourself’ and look to arrange a work placement on your own or look at one of the many companies who can organise a work placement for you.

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Paid Work PlacementsPaid Work Placement Jobs in Canada

If you do your research you will often find that there are some companies who can get you paid work while you are in Canada. These companies can also look to arrange transport and accommodation for you.

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