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Hotel Work in Canada

There are countless hotels in Canada and if you speak French, German or Japanese and you have some experience in front of house hotel work, then you could be highly employable. Don’t underestimate the sheer quantity of competition for jobs however, particularly waiting and housekeeping staff. Arriving in Canada during the winter or summer seasons you will be one of thousands of young people chasing that elusive seasonal job.

Some Tips To Get You Started:

  • If you are looking for work in the hotel, catering or tourism industries, then you need to be presentable, polite and well spoken. Resist the temptation to arrive in Banff mid-season, rucksack on your back, looking like you just got off a long haul flight from hell, and banging on the reception desk of hotels demanding to speak to the manager about  jobs. This approach won’t  work.
  • Instead phone hotels and ask to speak to human resources or personnel departments. Introduce yourself to them, explain you are calling from overseas (if you are, this makes you seem keen and organised), and briefly give them an overview of your experience or qualifications and the type of work you are looking for.
  • Have a pen and paper handy, take down their name and position. Ask when they are recruiting for staff, what kind of staff they are looking for, and if they would like to see your CV.
  • Offer to send your CV to them via email or fax, and ask if it would be OK to follow it up with another call when they have had a chance to look through it.
  • Alternatively they may have a standard employment application form that they can send you, or direct you to online.
  • If they sound interested at this stage, explain when you will be available for interviews, how long you are prepared to commit to working (the longer the better generally) and how you plan on getting your work permit if you are British or Irish (normally this will be via BUNAC or CIEE - see the How To Find Work in Canada page in this book) or your working holiday visa if you are from Australia or  New  Zealand.
  • The hotels in Banff are a real mixture, ranging from family run mountain lodges, to budget motels, to big luxury hotels. Obviously the bigger the hotel the greater the number of staff they recruit, but they may fill positions faster and have all their staff in place for the start of the season. Smaller hotels or motels may not be so organised in their recruitment, and need a hand during the season.