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Nursing Jobs in Australia

There are two types of nurse in Australia:

  • Registered nurse – university educated and qualified.
  • Enrolled nurse – an enrolled nurse works under the supervision of a registered nurse.

To work as a nurse in Australia with a working holiday visa you should apply to the Nurse Regulatory Authority (NRA) in the state or territory in which you wish to work. You should do this before you arrive in Australia.

Nurses have to be registered in the state they wish to practise in. The NRA will check that you can demonstrate that you meet the national nursing competency standards that are required for all territories.

Some nationalities have to do a “competency based assessment program” when they arrive in Australia. If you are from the UK, Ireland or Canada, you don’t have to. If you are not on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), you will have to go through the Australian Nursing Council (ANCI) to complete an assessment. WHV holders do not have to do this, but ANCI recommend that you do as it can save you time (apparently) when you try to register with the state Nurses Regulatory Authority. If you have registered with the NRA in Queensland for example, you can work in other states as they have a mutual recognition of registration.