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City Guide to New York

Why New York?

New York

New York oozes excitement and almost every turn brings up fresh images of the fantasy America that the rest of the world knows through film and TV. The city itself is the star and the opportunities for sight-seeing, entertainment and spending your hard-earned cash are pretty much limitless. See how many New York film clichés you can spot, from steaming man-hole covers to fat cops eating doughnuts - it's all there!

Facts about New York

  • New York City has the largest population of any city in the USA
  • New York State has more places to go skiing than any other state in the US
  • The Statue of Liberty is in the state of New Jersey, not New York. It was given to the people of the USA by the French. And it's got an eight feet long index finger!

Plan Your Gap Year to New York

It is important to plan any trip that you decide to take and this is especially important if you are looking to take a gap year in the USA.

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Top Things To Do

Top Things To Do in New York


Accommodation in New York


Emergency Information for New York

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