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Money and Tax Advice for Africa


In Ghana the currency is the Cedi, however, the US dollar is widely used as a currency in the main cities and accepted in places such as restaurants and food shops. Ghana mainly uses money as opposed to debit/credit cards so it is worth bearing this in mind when travelling to Ghana. This is because credit card fraud is rife so it is considered unsafe to use your card like you would in westernised society.

English is the official language of Ghana and therefore this makes things easy when you are banking in the country. If you do want to set-up a bank account be prepared to be asked to provide your passport, a letter of introduction from your UK bank and details about you debit/credit cards as well as a reference from your current employer.


In Kenya the currency is the Kenyan Shilling which is divided into 100 cents. The same information will be required to open a bank account as in Ghana. Debit cards are also not widely used in Kenya however, there are ATM machine available for travellers to use in the larger cities.

South Africa

In South Africa the currency is the Rand. The major towns and cities in South Africa will have ATM machines. In South Africa all major credit cards are accepted. VAT is included onto the value of most services and goods and visitors are not exempt from paying the added tax.