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The Leap

The Leap Overseas Ltd, 121 High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1LZ


Award winning volunteering and intern programmes across Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. 

Mix of projects, people and places.

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With The Leap, every program on offer involves variety.

You'll travel to several different places across the country you've chosen to visit, and take part in all sorts of projects, activities along the way. One week you could be entertaining local kids whilst living with an indigenous tribe, the next you could be taking surf lessons on the Pacific Ocean.

Travel in a team

You'll also do the whole thing as part of a team of 8-15 other volunteers taking The Leap, who you'll meet before you go. Having them there will make a huge difference to what you can achieve and the fun you can have, a great social life comes as standard.

Flexible departures
Departures throughout the year for as little as 2 weeks, upwards.

A small, personal business who go the extra mile
The Leap will spend the time making sure you've chosen the right programme to the right country and go the extra mile to make sure the experience is everything you had hoped for.  


Read about our programmes and get in contact for some gap advice:
Africa – Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia and Madagascar           
South America – Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru  
Asia – Cambodia, Borneo and the Philippines.
Caribbean – Venezuela and Cuba

So, lets B – Social !
The simplest way is to pick up the phone:
01672 519922
Or cruise the website: www.theleap.co.uk
Follow us on twitter: gapyearexperts
Facebook us
OR Email : info@theleap.co.uk170x130_fitbox-26920_412940061334_604586334_5519641_6864620_n.jpeg

The Leap love a chat or just have a sneaky beaky at their blog and see what the current teams are up to. Enjoy http://theleap.co.uk/blog/