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Frontier has over 300 projects in countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, giving you unlimited adventures and excursions in beautiful locations.

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Frontier have used their wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of ethical and gap year travel, wildlife conservation and community development to ensure that they find you the perfect project. With Frontier you can be sure that you will get the best projects at the most competitive prices. You can learn a multitude of skills, discover hidden talents, challenge your preconceptions, gain qualifications and make lifelong friends.

Frontier run a variety of conservation projects worldwide.  You could be monitoring wildlife while living among lemurs and chameleons in Madagascar, or earning your PADI scuba diving qualifications while taking part in baseline marine conservation surveying at a remote reef island in Fiji.

Alternatively, you can contribute to positive change in the future of marginalised communities with one of Frontier's development projects. Teach a class of neglected children in under-funded village schools, before adventuring through forests spotting wild elephants, rhinos and even Bengal tigers in enchanting India.Work towards your TEFL certificate, making your time with Frontier the perfect combination of learning and gaining valuable practical experience whilst having a truly unique experience in a huge range of fascinating destinations.

To apply for any of Frontier’s projects, fill in an online application through our website and a volunteer advisor will call you back to help you find the perfect placement.