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Timberline Alpine Academy

P.O. Box 4755, Banff, Alberta, Canada, T1L-1E9
+1 (403) 763-3032

Tel: +1 (403) 763-3032



Timberline Academy is the only local provider of Gap Year programs in Banff National Park. As a result, Timberline is able to create a truly local experience for their clients that include trips throughout the Rockies, independent housing and industry internships. If you are looking for a unique Gap Year ski season experience choosing a local provider is where you will find the most value and knowledge. Timberline Academy offers programs ranging in length from 4-11 weeks.


Instructor Internship Program

November 3, 2016 – March 31, 2017

The Instructor Internship Program is designed for someone looking to have a fun, team-based experience during their first ski season here in Banff. This program incorporates a wide range of ski/snowboard training, certifications and expeditions over an entire winter season in the Canadian Rockies. Students are also able to put their training to use while working as paid interns at ski schools in Banff throughout the winter season with colleagues from all over the world.

Additionally, we put a strong emphasis on independent and healthy living. As a result, our students are housed in fully furnished apartments and houses in the Banff town centre. We believe that our students should be able to cook, enjoy privacy and have a home while they're with us here in Banff. No hostels and no hotels.



Banff National Park, Canada

Program Length: 6 months

Cost: $5,000 - $10,000 (USD)

Cost Description:

- Certifications
- Employment opportunity
- Training
- Accomodation
- Trips
- Local Timberline Advantage
- Social Events
- Airport Pickup
- Insurance
- Timberline Swag bag
- Equipment consultation
- Helicopter tour of Banff National Park

If you would like to register your interest or to find out more about our programs please contact jmccutcheon@timberlineacademy.com or go to http://www.timberlineacademy.com/contact-us/

or simply visit our website.

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