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Hopping from Place to Place: How to Reduce Travel Costs


The beauty of a gap year is taking time off to go and explore the world. This usually means going to many different destinations and working your way through each country you visit. This allows you to experience each destination you visit more deeply, but is also means you will have increased travel costs to think about. Thankfully Opodo is a leading online travel agency that can find the best airfares by analysing average flight costs and using their data to help you find the best time to book flights. Reducing airfare costs can mean having more saved, allowing you to travel with more security and comfort as you find a new job in your next destination.

There are so many ways you can save on airfare travel as well, meaning that you are not restricted only by where you can go to next via train or coach. Travelling by air can mean seeing the best in the world and making the most of your gap year rather than being restricted by visiting local destinations.

Know the best days to book

There are many ways to save on airfare as well. More popular routes have more competition, meaning companies will lower their rates to attract a greater volume of customers. You can, however, lower the fares you pay for air travel by simply knowing when the best time to book is and when the best time to fly is.

Typically, no matter whether you are flying domestically, to a neighbouring country, or overseas, the best time to book your flight is six weeks in advance. This is the sweet spot when it comes to airfare, and can help you save up to 48% of your airfare. The more you save, the more money you will have left over, and on a gap year in particular having an emergency fund can be critical to your safety and comfort.

Know the best months to book

Other ways to save include booking during the cheapest possible months. The best times to book, however, will vary depending on the distance and length of your flight. Domestic travel, for instance, is best books on Sundays in October. Short haul flights are best booked on Wednesdays in January, and long haul or overseas flights are best booked on Tuesdays in September.

Just because there are specific months that are best to book, however, doesn’t mean that you have to wait. As previously stated, six weeks before you intend to travel is when you will get the best deal on those flights, but you can still save up to two weeks if you want to change destinations quickly or are otherwise inspired and want to book a last-minute trip. Trying to book a flight a week or less before you want to travel, however, will see increased flight costs that you otherwise don’t need to pay as this infographic explains in greater detail. Save money on your flight, and have a better experience on your gap year no matter what.