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Winter Jobs in Europe

What winter jobs are available for travellers in Europe?

Seasonal jobs in Europe revolve around tourists and events. So summer jobs will be focussed on festivals and coastal resorts across the continent, and winter work will focus on the ski season. Cities and towns will be sources of temporary jobs for backpackers who have experience in the hospitality and leisure industries for much of the year, but in continental Europe, you will need to speak at least English and one other language to stand a chance of finding a job in a hotel or restaurant.

So what winter jobs are available for travellers in Europe? Well, firstly we need to be clear that we are talking about jobs in the European Union here, the same rules do not apply to those countries who are not currently part of the EU such as Switzerland, the former states of Yugoslavia (Croatia is due to join in 2013), Turkey and Norway. This is important as it is much easier for people who are citizens of EU member countries to work in other EU countries. If you are from Australia, New Zealand or Canada, you may be able to work and travel on a working holiday visa in some European countries.

Winter jobs can be found in the run up to Christmas in most shops, bars and restaurants in towns and cities. The work may only be temporary and part time, but many of these types of businesses will be recruiting extra bar, waiting and retail staff to cope with the demands of the festive season. Many larger stores and restaurants will accept online job applications and CV's through their websites. Hotels are also a good potential source of work in the run up to Christmas and New Year, but the work may well peter out once New Year has passed and the traditionally quiet times of January and February kick in.

The ski season in the Alps and other mountainous regions across the continent provides many job opportunities in Europe for travellers and those looking for temporary or seasonal work.Check out our Winter Ski Jobs page for more information on this, and our Sports and Ski page for similar work opportunities.

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) enables you to work year round in many European destinations. Finding TEFL jobs in Europe is relatively straightforward if you have the right qualifications and are prepared to work hard for not huge amounts of cash. TEFL is a great way of being able to really live in and understand a foreign country, but most schools will try to commit you to a longer term contract, and the hours may not be full time. There are language schools all over Europe who welcome those who have a TEFL qualification and speak English as a first language. This is an ideal option as an English speaking job in Europe, as you don't have to speak the host language.

European jobs are many and varied for the independent traveller - use Gapwork.com to find the best option for you.