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Travel Australia as an Au PairTravel Australia as an Au Pair



Are you thinking of taking some time off to travel before going to uni or settling into full-time employment? Dreaming of the sun-kissed beaches of Australia? Not sure how you would ever afford a year of travelling? Becoming an au pair in Australia may be the perfect solution!

If you want to travel around Australia and earn your spending money at the same time, becoming an au pair could be the ideal way to make money while you travel. No more worrying about where you will find your next bar job or farming work and how you will pay for your accommodation in the next town. Au pairs are able arrange their employment before leaving home, and many families will request a minimum of 3 months and this goes up to a maximum of 6 months so you will know exactly what you will be earning and for how long. This can really help with budgeting for your travel itinerary.

Being an au pair mainly involves looking after children while parents are working. The main duties of an au pair are care of the family’s children and sometimes light house work. A typical day of an au pair involves getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast and school lunches and taking them to school. If all children in the family go to school, you may do some light house work and then have the rest of the day to yourself and explore your new home town, before picking the kids up from school at the end of the day. You would then take them to after-school activities or help out with homework, before starting dinner prep for the kids and helping get them ready for bed.

One of the best things about being an au pair is that you get to live with your host family with your own private bedroom. Your family will help show you around their area and some will offer use of a car as well to help you get around. All food and accommodation is included so you will just earn pocket money for you to spend or save as you want – no worrying about where to get dinner or where you will stay. And it is all arranged before you even set foot on the plane.

The average working hours for an au pair are 25-35 hours per week and this can be split across weekdays or weekends according to the host family’s needs. Most au pairs earn around $150 per week, but this is negotiable depending on how many hours you are expected to work and what days. And at the end of your placement, you can spend the rest of your time travelling the country on all the money earned while working as an au pair!

The safest way to find a host family is to use the services of an au pair agency. An au pair agency will already have host families that have been vetted and will ensure they find you a family with which you will match well to make your (and their) experience the best possible. With several major cities to choose from in Australia, they can also help you find a great place to spend a few months and soak up everything the area has to offer. From vibrant Sydney to cosmopolitan Melbourne, tropical Brisbane on the East Coast or laid back Perth on the West Coast, the choice is yours!

To get started on your journey to become an au pair in Australia, contact Smart Au Pairs for more information. With offices in both London and Sydney, they offer full support throughout your placement and strive to ensure you have the best au pair experience possible. Find out more online here www.smartaupairs.com/aupair/ .

Travel Australia as an Au Pair