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The Gap Year Job Market

Understanding the Gap Year Job Market in Today’s Economic Climate

Wednesday 10th October 2012

The tough economic climate being experienced by the UK is being experienced all over the world. So, what does this mean if you are considering taking a gap year and working during this time when you travel?

Understanding the Gap Year Job Market in Today’s Economic Climate

Many students are understandably worried about the state of the UK job market as it appears that jobs especially the graduate calibre jobs are getting more difficult to come by. According to management consultants, Hay Group “Although the latest labour market statistics showed unemployment has started to drop and pay has increased slightly, there is still a very gloomy perception of the UK job market.”

Don’t worry... the outlook if you choose to take a gap year and look for gap work is not gloomy.

Firstly, more than likely you are not going to be competing for the top-end graduate jobs as you are more than likely to be looking for holiday and resort jobs, winter ski jobs and volunteer work which are completely different employment sector to the one you would be looking in, in the UK. Secondly, these employment sectors tend to have high turnover due to the seasonality of the roles and therefore are always looking for new employees.

Remember if you do decide to take a gap year and work abroad you will be enhancing your CV throughout the time that you are away. This is because you will be expanding your skills and employers will be able to see that you have the ability to work in diverse and challenging workplaces throughout the world. They will also see that by spending time abroad you have increased your cultural awareness and understood and worked in a different environment.

This will make you more attractive to employers when you return and start looking for work in the UK giving you a head start in the tough job seekers market. The experience you gain could just set you apart from the other candidates.

Finally, this may be difficult or seem a hassle while you are away but try to plan some job seeking activities for when you get home. It is a good idea a month or two before you come back from your gap year to start reaching out to employers as this will help you ‘hit the ground running’ when you get home and help you find a job in the UK quickly.

If you are unsure whether to take a gap year then why not have a look through our website to understand more about taking a gap year, the different gap year destinations as well as planning for a gap year to see whether it is for you.