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Benefits Of A Gap Year Job In 2013

Benefits Of A Gap Year In 2013

Thursday 3rd January 2013

If you are considering taking a gap year in 2013 you may be wondering the merits of becoming employed during this period. It is our opinion that finding a job on a gap year is one of the best exposures you can give yourself to life, culture and the ways of different countries.

Below we list our top 5 reasons to work on your gap year and while travelling abroad.

1. You will experience real freedom

By moving abroad and working in another country you will experience freedom. This is because you will have taken the bold move to travel abroad and find work, and this will make you realise that barriers that you may have thought were originally in your way to working abroad aren’t as hard or as scary as you originally thought.

2. You will learn new skills and it could help your future career

Working abroad will expand your skill set and is a great way to make you stand out in the crowd when applying for a job in the future. Your ability to move abroad and work will also show future employers that you have initiative and drive which again could stand you out from other candidates.

3. You will grow as a person and learn about independence

Moving and travelling abroad on your own will teach you all about independence and looking after yourself. You may start to learn things about yourself which you previously were unaware of like you are able to cope with language barriers, find accommodation and socialise within a whole new country.

4. You will experience a different culture

By working in another country your cultural awareness will vastly increase and you will start to become accustomed to a new way of life. Understanding a different culture will not only help you in your work but it will help you understand how people and businesses work together.

5. You will earn money

Obviously while travelling you will be able to earn money and you could put some in savings to use for future travelling or for returning home and looking for work. In some countries (depending on the work you do) the pay can be very lucrative and the cost of living is lower than in the UK, so you can really make some money.