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Get Snow-ready in time for the season of a lifetime!

September 2016

Get Snow-ready in time for the season of a lifetime!

As thousands of youngsters prepare for their first winter season working or training in ski resorts, only a few will consider getting snow-fit before they depart.

Regardless of what you’ll be doing in resort this season, improving your fitness before you go will ensure 3 things:

1. You’ll be able to ski or snowboard for longer each day
2. You’ll improve faster
3. You’re less likely to sustain an injury

Skiing and snowboarding are anaerobic activities, this means they require short bursts of energy with short rest periods. For this type of exercise skiers and snowboarders should focus on 6 areas of fitness to get the best performance on piste; legs, arms, abs, balance, agility and cardio. Example exercises to build your all-around strength include squats, press ups, abdominal crunches and yoga stances – these exercises coupled with jogging, swimming or cycling will quickly improve your fitness ready for a season on snow. Including some high intensity interval training in your fitness routine, like hill sprints as part of a daily jog, will get your body used to sudden spurts of energy.

At Winter Sports Company, we are passionate about making the most of your season on snow, so this autumn sees the launch of our Snow Ready Fitness Programme. We’ve teamed up with a snow-sports instructor and personal trainer to create an 8-week fitness plan designed to prepare you for a full season of skiing or snowboarding. You can complete the pre-departure training at home to ensure your body is ready for day after day of training as part of a ski instructor or snowboard instructor course.

The Snow Ready Fitness Programme is available to all Winter Sports Company clients taking part in a ski or snowboard instructor course, ski patrol training or an instructor internship.


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