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Travel Vaccinations Guide

Planning on taking your gap year soon?


Whether you are backpacking in Bolivia, trekking in Tibet, sampling the delicacies and delights of Europe or lazing on a beach in Thailand, chances are you’ll need to consider getting vaccinated.

Despite countries like the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada having relatively good healthcare systems and a low prevalence of infectious diseases, that isn’t the case for many other destinations. Diseases like dengue fever, rabies, cholera, typhoid and malaria are still common in many countries in the developing world. The good news is, many of these diseases can be prevented through travel vaccinations, so getting sick doesn’t need to ruin your experience.

Before you start your gap year adventure, it’s important that you research your destination, and pay a visit to your local GP or travel doctor. Keep in mind that some medicines require multiple doses before they come into effect, so make sure you visit a doctor well before your departure date. Other things to consider include whether you may need booster shots, or particular outbreaks in specific countries you may be visiting.

To find out more about what you need to vaccinate against before you set off, check out this handy interactive travel vaccination companion. The guide allows you to click on a country of your choice and view a snapshot of the most prevalent diseases and their respective vaccinations.

At the end of the day, research is the key to ensuring that you avoid nasty problems on your gap year. For more information on travel vaccines, check out your Government’s travel health website, or have a chat to your local GP.

Happy travelling!