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Raleigh International Nepal Expediation 2016

Join a Raleigh expedition to Tanzania this summer. But you’ll need to be quick. The application deadline is on 6th March.

What could I be doing?
Our expeditions are diverse. You will work on community, environment and adventure projects.  Young people from around the world will be in your team. There is one thing you will all have in common. A vision for building a sustainable future.
Our projects are based in remote locations. You will see areas of Tanzania that are unknown to tourists. But you won’t be there to visit. You will be there to create lasting change.

Community – Work side-by-side with local communities to provide clean, running water. Build Kindergartens for children without access to education. Create behavioural change by raising awareness of important issues, such as gender equality and hygiene.

Environment – Conserve the environment through re-forestation. Help protect natural resources. Raise awareness of sustainable livelihoods. We don’t just aim to slow down climate change. We aim to fix it.

Adventure - Trek through Tanzania’s stunning landscapes. Visit remote communities along the way. And develop your leadership skills during the process. You will also get the opportunity to visit a national park giving you the chance to learn about conservation issues and Tanzania’s diverse animals. Let’s not forget that you will have the chance to see some of Tanzania’s incredible wildlife.

26 June to 2 September          10 weeks       
26 June to 12 August               7 weeks         
26 June to 29 July                    5 weeks         
18 July to 2 September           7 weeks         

Raleigh expeditions aren’t holidays. They’re hard work. If you have an open mind, commitment and a desire to change your world for the better, we want to hear from you.

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