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BLUE TIGER AWARD FOR VOLUNTEERING EXCELLENCEOutreach International Hippotherapy Project, Ecuador




Blue Tiger Award

Outreach International are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Blue Tiger Award’, an annual award designed to recognise the exceptional contribution and exemplary behaviours of an international volunteer.
Our projects have benefited from some excellent volunteers over the years and we want to do more to recognise those that are truly exceptional. We hope that in promoting this volunteer Award we will be able to raise awareness of what ‘great’ looks like, inspire future volunteers and provide well deserved recognition to those who are both nominated for the Award and the eventual winners.

There will be a maximum of three Blue Tiger Awards made each year, as we believe a degree of exclusivity underlines the exceptional nature of a volunteer’s contribution.

Nominations will be made by our Outreach International country coordinators, who have a close relationship with each of our projects, as well as the volunteers they support in-country. They will make nominations based on the feedback they receive on the volunteer from the project, as well as their own observations of the volunteer’s engagement with the community.

No strict criteria will constrain the nominations. Instead we encourage each nomination to reflect the broad values contained within our ‘Blue Tiger’ philosophy, demonstrating responsible volunteering that is both impactful and sensitive to the community it serves. We believe our very best volunteers:

  1. Show a great attitude; they are proactive and adaptable in their volunteering experience

  2. Go the extra mile; the best volunteers stretch themselves, learn new skills and commit fully to making a difference during the limited time available

  3. Get creative; the un-prescribed nature of our placements means there is scope for volunteers to use their imagination, innovate and make a difference through applying their unique skills & energy

  4. Integrate with the community; as international volunteers we are guests in the community we serve and the best volunteers share a mutually rewarding experience with their hosts

  5. Demonstrate responsible volunteering; our best volunteers validate our Code of Conduct, being respectful to all the stakeholders that enable international volunteering to flourish

Each winner will be given an Award with a copy of the Nomination that led to them winning, plus a financial contribution will be made to the project they volunteered for, or a domestic charity of their choice. The Award will enable volunteers to share their achievement with family and friends, sponsors and future employers.
We hope to receive a number of nominations and create some tough choices for ourselves, while building stories of inspiring experiences to share with future volunteers.

To get started planning your volunteering trip, visit outreach international presentation guide to review how it all works