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Here Comes the Sun – And GO-SIM’s New Traveler SIM!

While many of you are looking forward to your summer holidays, at GO-SIM, they are looking forward to saving you money on your roaming calls. While there have been some improvements in the world of mobile roaming over the last year, there are still plenty of places that can be really expensive if you’re not careful, and it can put people off. Relying on unsecure Wi-Fi networks and poor quality connection can be daunting. Adventurers shouldn’t be restricted in their ability to communicate and share their travels with friends and family back home. Too many people forgo phones on today’s trips for free of unknown charges leaving a whole in their pockets. GO-SIM encourage worldwide travelers to feel confident sharing, communicating, and reveling in their amazing trips again.

This is the reason why they’ve released a new traveler SIM, an International SIM card that works in over 190 countries worldwide, on more than 380 networks. Having more networks available to you gives you more choice, and more freedom. If you find yourself in an area of poor coverage, the SIM will automatically switch to a stronger provider, an option that many domestic roaming deals will not have.

Another new feature is the advent of direct calling in 80 countries around the world. Previously, international SIM cards have had to use callback technology. When you placed a call, the phone would disconnect and ring you back while it connected you, a money-saving concept, but counter-intuitive in practice. Now you can call direct as you would normally. There’s no need to worry about your SIM becoming out-of-date as we add new countries – the SIM will update automatically whenever new options become available.

One of the other big changes made is to make your options for data plans clearer with better value. With over half the world’s internet connections coming by way of mobile phones, it is important to be able to use data wherever you are. Offering just a few MB of data doesn’t cut it any more – users want the choice to use as little, or as much, as they need. That’s why their data plans offer up to 2GB of data, and with savings of up to 300% with a plan, you’ll have the freedom to connect wherever and whenever you want.

Grab one of our Traveler SIMs and enjoy the freedom of hassle-free, cheap international calls on your next holiday!