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Up-skill to Travel and Volunteer Abroad with Global Travel Academy's Online Courses

Global Travel Academy Online Courses

While traveling abroad is amazing and exciting, it can be overwhelming at times. Often you will face challenges such as, homesickness, communication barriers, illness or emergencies. This is why the travel gurus at Global Travel Academy have created comprehensive online travel courses - so that you can prepare yourself for whatever situation your adventures throw at you. We want you to Know Before You Go and become a great world traveler.

Certificate in Travel Health & Safety
Length: 2 Hours (online)
Cost: $99
This video-heavy online course is perfect for first-time or nervous travelers, it will teach you necessary
and practical safety precautions, as well as the expertise needed to keep yourself healthy while abroad.
Filmed throughout 12 destinations, this course will inspire you to travel further and with confidence.

Certificate in International Volunteering
Length: 3 Hours (online)
Cost: $149
Created specifically for international volunteers by industry experts, this activity and video-based online
course covers everything a volunteer needs to know and is a critical aspect of the preparation process. A
perfect certification for anyone volunteering abroad, or considering it, and those who would like to
endorse their volunteer experience.

Who are we?
Global Travel Academy are a team of travel gurus who strive to make the world a better place by guiding
the world’s greatest travelers. We aim to inspire global immersion and educate travelers so that they
can travel confidently and safely.

Want to know more?
Read more about our online courses or reach out to us if you would like to have a chat about how Global
Travel Academy can inspire you to go global.



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