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Why You Should Consider Working in a Library for

Your Gap Year

Libraries are one of the most important public buildings for local communities. Many of us have fond memories of frequenting local libraries as children. It was in these buildings that many of us had our first real taste of learning, of acquiring knowledge, and of indulging our love of stories. As we grow older, especially for those of who have grown up alongside the many technologies, not least of all the internet, that have replaced many of the functions of that the library once served, libraries become important yet again.
Despite the innumerable pressures being placed on modern libraries, they continue to exist and to serve their purpose. The role of libraries has gone far beyond the lending of books. Most libraries now offer visitors free internet access and access to newer forms of media such as DVDs, music, and even e-books.
A gap year is a perfect opportunity for self-improvement and to develop skills and knowledge that are widely applicable to your future. To this end, working in a library offers numerous advantages. In this article, we take a look at just some of the reasons that libraries provide the perfect employment opportunity for students on their gap year.

An Ever-Evolving Landscape

One of the greatest things about working in a library as a temporary employee is that they are places that are constantly changing and evolving to match the times. A student could work in a library during their gap year and return a few years later, perhaps after studying a library science degree, such as the one offered by the University of Southern California, to find a completely different work environment.

Learn Useful Skills

Being a librarian requires a variety of different skills, often much more than most people would imagine. The skills that a librarian needs to employ in their job are the kind of skills which have numerous applications in other areas of work, and in life more generally. Finding gap year work, even voluntary, in a local library will give you a taste for the kind of work involved and the skills you will need.
Many of those who undertake temporary voluntary work in libraries then feel inspired to pursue a library science masters.

Meet Interesting People

Libraries are places that tend to attract like-minded people, people who have a shared passion for books and for providing a crucial service to their local communities. Because of this, you will usually find that the library environment is a very friendly one and the people that you meet at conferences and other events will be people of a similar mold to yourself. It’s not only other librarians you will meet either. You will also have opportunities to meet authors, illustrators, and the other individuals who are responsible for producing the books that we all know and love.
Libraries are one of the most rewarding and unique places that you can choose to work in during your gap year. Whether you plan on pursuing a career in the library or not, the work you will undertake will be both rewarding and fun.