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Office Work in New Zealand

Employment agencies in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch should be able to help you out if you have good skills and experience. To register with agencies or make initial enquiries drop them an email. Compared to Australia or the UK you won’t be earning as much, but the cost of living is lower, and there is less competition for temp work than in Sydney for example.

If you are trained in IT, with experience in project managing, UNIX, NT or Java, you will be in demand. If you are a chartered accountant you will also be able to find work. Bring a suit and smart shoes to wear to interviews.

Some advice on finding the temping agency that would get you working includes:

  • Find an agency that focuses on the field in which you want to work. Read the agencies website and any promotional material to get an idea of their ethos and what they have to offer. Check simple things like how long they have been established, who their main clients are, and how many branches they have.
  • Email or phone a consultant with any enquiries. Try to talk to other temps who have worked for that agency.
  • Send in your CV, making sure that you are tailoring it to the requirements of the agency.
  • Be prepared for the interview and skills testing. Dress smartly and make sure that you have references that are easily checked out.
  • When you sign up with the agency, read the terms of your contract. Find out what you will be earning on an hourly basis, what you will be expected to wear, what hours you will be expected to work and what your entitlement is to sick pay and paid holidays (if you intend to be around that long!

Office Work in Auckland

Auckland has by far the largest population of any city in New Zealand. The city is spread over a big area, and has developed into four areas that are practically cities in their own right – Auckland Central, which has a population of around 360,000, North Shore city, Waitakere city and Manukau city. Together the greater Auckland district has a population of over one million people.

Compare this to New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, which has a population of around 150,000 and you can see why most travellers find work in Auckland. The city’s main employers are the business and financial services sectors. Telecommunication companies have expanded in recent years and the demand for skilled web designers and IT professionals is also high.

Office Work in Wellington

Wellington has many major companies who recruit temps regularly. If you wanted to work with a particular company, you could try finding their website and contacting their human resources department directly. Alternatively you could contact one of the many recruitment agencies when you get there.

June and July tend to be better for temp work, Christmas is pretty quiet. Wellington is the centre for banking and government departments, so there is demand for admin and financial staff.


“Employment agencies in New Zealand like using travellers as temps because they tend to be degree educated and have specialist backgrounds. Any technical ability and skills are highly sought after. If you have a working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand, and register with an agency that has branches in both, you can save time by having your registration transferred between the offices in each country.” - Cara Bartley, Recruitment Executive - Select Appointments New Zealand

Office Work in Christchurch

If you have your own transport and a prepaid mobile phone you will have the advantage over other temp job seekers. Many factories and warehouses are located outside the city, and if you are looking for industrial work, a car would be recommended. Christchurch is known for the amount of call centres that have sprung up recently.