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Paid Work Placements in Canada

A few companies offer work placements in Canada for which you get paid. You pay them to set the placement up, and they will arrange transport and accommodation.

In Ski Resorts

Changing Worlds offer placements for gap year students at hotels in ski resorts such as Banff and Whistler. You get paid work, starting off in the housekeeping departments, but you may get the opportunity to do something else as the placement goes on. You will work up to 40 hours a week, but accommodation is included, and you get a free meal whilst working.

In Agriculture

Some organizations offer work placements for people interested in working in the agricultural industry in Canada. The advantage of these companies is that they sort out visas and placements for you, and provide back up while you are away.

The International Agricultural Exchange organizes exchanges between the UK and Canada for people who are interested in farming. Usually applicants come from a farming background or have studied agriculture.

Stablemate arrange agricultural and equestrian placements to Canada.