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Internship and Work Experience in Canada

Method 1: Do It Yourself

To get work experience with a Canadian company, you will need to arrange your work placement independently, and apply for the Student General Working Holiday Programme (Programme A). You will therefore have to be eligible for the programme. To apply for the SGWHP you must either be a student at the moment, have a place at university confirmed or have graduated in the last twelve months. The work placement has to be related to your studies. You will have to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while you are on your work placement. While this is the cheapest way to do it, many people choose to go through Council Exchanges to get their permit.

Method 2: IASTE

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) offers degree level students the opportunity to get work experience in Canada. Your degree should be in science, engineering, technology, applied arts or related fields. There are some placements available for language students interested in teaching English abroad. You can apply for the scheme in November, and then go on the placement in the following summer. The IASTE scheme is cost effective, in that you don’t have to pay to go on it, but you will need to pay for your flights and insurance. Some universities offer financial assistance for these kind of exchanges.