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Harvest Jobs in Canada

Working in Canada isn’t just about cities and snow. One of Canada’s largest industries is farming. Agriculture is a vital part of the economies of British Columbia, Ontario and Québec.

The Okanagan Valley and Kootenay areas in British Columbia have huge fruit harvests in July to October. Get your timing right and you could easily find work picking apricots, apples, cherries, grapes and peaches. Jobs involve different aspects of harvesting, whether it’s picking or pruning.

Wages for harvest workers vary enormously, depending on how good the picker is, and what kind of fruit they are picking.  You won’t get rich, but expect to earn between $50 and $185 dollars per day. Fruitpicking is nearly always paid as piece-work, the more you pick, the more you earn. However some fruits like cherries or grapes need careful handling, and you won’t get paid for fruit that has been picked carelessly.