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Gap Years Studing Abroad

Spend Your Gap Year Studying Abroad Or Find a Postgraduate Course Overseas

If you want more from your gap year than randomly backpacking around fabulous countries and prefer to enhance your CV, why not choose to sign up for a new course of study in a foreign country? Aside from the many opportunities to learn foreign languages abroad, you can also build up your skill set towards to your intended future career. So if you’re planning to do a post-graduate course after your gap year, or you want to gain some practical experience in teaching, engineering or becoming an outdoor activity, or sports instructor, your year out is a good time to start training. In this section we feature information and company details to help you find the right study gap year for you - from a course studying art and culture in Europe to learning a language in South America, the world is your oyster!


Companies that can help you study abroad

TEFL Heaven

TEFL Heaven

Guaranteed paid ESL teaching positions abroad! An amazing experience that will give you the life skills and confidence to succeed in anything. Also a great way to make friends and travel abroad. Our TEFL course is a comprehensive & face-to-face 150 hour certification that allows you to teach English anywhere in the world. Placements in Asia, Latin America and Europe.
***Mexico doesn’t require a completed bachelor degree. Gap year students welcome to join.

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Studying abroad is a very popular means of travelling. English speaking nationals can enjoy the thrill of employment, education and relaxation whilst taking some time off from work and university. In a business world where European and International affiliations and links are held extremely high, studying another country’s history, language and traditions is not simply impressive but fast becoming crucial.

The options available to you are broad; you can study art and culture in Italy, cooking in France, and foreign languages in schools all over the world. Through the ERASMUS scheme some universities offer the chance for students to study abroad for one term or one year of their undergraduate education at an affiliated European institution. You should ask your own educational institution and indeed place of work about other such programmes.

Courses can be anything from two weeks to 12 months. There are organisations that can organise your place in a school as well as everything else including flights, accommodation, visas and insurance, however you can always go directly to the school in the country that you want to visit, in this case it is recommended that you do as much research as possible.