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Getting Around Ibiza

By bus

The bus network in Ibiza is efficient and covers a surprising amount of the island. It’s easy enough to get from Ibiza Town to San Antonio, Santa Eulalia or the northern coast. Pick up a bus timetable at the tourist office at the airport when you arrive. Fares are inexpensive, and there is even a “discobus” service during the summer that runs through the night between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, taking in Amnesia and Privilege on the way.

By car

Renting a car is a good way to ensure that you’ll get to see as much of the island as possible. Roads in Ibiza are good, but in the less developed north of the island you may hit some rough tracks without signposting or lighting. Car hire is relatively cheap, there are local and international companies present at the airport and in the larger towns.

You can also hire motorbikes, scooters and bicycles - but beware the urge to hurtle around the roads of Ibiza on a motorbike or scooter without a helmet on - police can and will impose on the spot fines that will leave a hole in your holiday budget. Also make sure that you are insured to ride a motorbike or scooter. Many standard travel insurance policies do not insure you for this mode of transport (accidents are common and often result in expensive treatment).

By boat

Possibly not involving chartering your own yacht, but in the summer there are plenty of boats ferrying tourists from one beach spot or coastal town to another. Not as cheap as buses but definitely an enhanced travel experience.