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Top Things To Do in Banff

1. Ski or Snowboard in Winter

Canada is the place to go in the winter if you love skiing or snowboarding as the snow experience you will have here is like no other. There are so many areas where you can go in Banff, you will really be spoilt for choice on where to hit the slopes.

2. Hike in Summer

In Summer you should take the opportunity to hike in and around Banff as it is home to some of the most popular hikes in Canada such as the hike in the National Park around Lake Minnewanka and Bow Valley area.

3. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

At Banff National Park you can take part in the canoeing and kayaking activities that are on offer to visitors. These activities can happen at Lake Louise where you can experience the clear waters and view the imposing Victoria Glacier.

4. Take a Canyon Ice Walk with a Guide

Canyon Ice Walks are walks on steel walkways that have been purpose-built into canyons so that people can experience the canyons and views. At Banff there are many Canyon Walks available including the Johnston Canyon Ice Walk where you can wall past upper and lower icefalls.

5. Take a boat tour of Lake Minnewanka

There are a few companies in Banff that offer boat tours to Lake Minnewanka. Lake Minnewanka is found in Banff National Park and a boat ride across this lake offers unique photo opportunities and the chance (on a guided boat tour) to learn about this area, its history and geology.

6. See the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum

For some native American history of the area then you should visit the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum.