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EA Ski & Snowboard Training offer you the chance to become a qualified ski or snowboard instructor and land your dream job at one of our 30 world-class ski resorts in Japan, Canada, Switzerland, the U.S and New Zealand. You will receive on-snow training, world-class instructor certification and a guaranteed instructor job offer – all in one winter season! 

EA Ski and Snowboard offer two ways to become a ski or snowboard instructor. Firstly, is an Instructor Internship, which involves training, qualifying and working within a single season. The only way we make this happen is by guaranteeing all interns a job offers after they have finished the training portion of the course and are qualified. This program is for those of you looking to get into the industry as an instructor or looking to work through the season on the snow. 

Our guaranteed job offer is there to enable you to gain practical working experience within one winter season. This is great for future seasons where you can leverage both the knowledge and experience you have gained through the course to get jobs in other resorts around the world. All our qualifications, in every country, are globally-recognised so whether you complete an internship in Canada, Japan or New Zealand for example, you will be able to use that almost anywhere.

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The second program option is one of our training programs. These run from 4 weeks to season long and are perfect for those of you who are not looking to work but looking to vastly increase your skill level and shred powder 24/7 at an epic resort like Lake Louise or Revelstoke in Canada.  Programs include your level 1 training and instructor certification, full accommodation, full season pass, with the opportunity to upgrade to include level 2 instructor certification, first aid, avalanche and freestyle training.  You’ll have as much time on the snow that you can handle in your first winter season while everyone else is slaving away working.  If you later decide that ‘winter seasoning’ is for you, we have over 30+ resort partners around the world and would be happy to set you up with an instructor job the following winter season.

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How do I apply for one of these positions?

Click here or visit our website to see if you qualify for one of our instructor training courses or instructor internship programs, a training consultant will be in touch to provide you with course options to suit your winter goals.

Mitch, Australia
"A piece of advice, if like me you were looking into this program but not sure if you are going to do it, just take the plunge and do it, you won't regret it! Cypress is a beautiful mountain with a huge variety of terrain and mountain views on one side, and ocean views on the other, truly no other resort is quite like it, as for EA, these guys are with you from start to finish, making sure you have visas, accommodation, orientations all set upon arrival, they give you everything you need and are willing to help out as much as they can. I cannot recommend this program highly enough, it's incredible and if you can, you should do it"

Cypress, Ski internship, Canada

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