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EA Ski & Snowboard


EA Ski & Snowboard Training offer you the best way to combine training, instructor certification and provide you with a guaranteed instructor job offer - all in one season! (Instructor Internship Programs)

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EA have worked hard for almost 10 years to develop exclusive partnerships with the world’s top ski resorts, and can provide the ultimate full season ski or snowboard course at 17 locations around the globe!

Where do you want your dream winter role? Switzerland, Canada, USA, Japan or New Zealand.
You choose where you want to gain your instructor training, a world-recognised qualification and a guaranteed ski or snowboard instructor job offer. Step straight into a ski school and start living the dream!

Why are clever new Instructors choosing EA to get started?

  • Inclusive packages with a guaranteed job offer available from £3204.
  • EA offer’s the ideal way to combine training, instructor certifications AND a guaranteed instructor job offer - all in one season! (Instructor Internship Programs)
  • Comfortable, well-appointed accommodation so you can chill out with new friends and relax in between your study sessions.
  • Highest quality qualification, recognised internationally.
  • Employee lift passes.
  • Get first class support from start to finish including on hand program managers who will meet you, show you the local deals, make you laugh and show you where the powder is...
  • Get unbeatable industry tips, advice and pre travel packages so you are prepared and arrive to dominate.
  • Different course locations to suit your budget.
  • Fun, excitement, adventure and learning are central to all programs and you are guaranteed to get plenty of each! Don’t forget your camera!

You choose from the hottest snow laden locations on Earth - Training bases in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Japan or New Zealand!

“I had always wanted to work in the ski industry for my GAP year but all of the programs I had searched only offered training but no work experience. EA Ski & Snowboard provided me with the answer. I passed my PSIA level one exam - and now I am putting all this to use with a job as an instructor! …the experience of a lifetime…”
Guy Martin, United Kingdom, Instructor Internship-Lake Tahoe

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