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Saving up for a Gap Year -

5 Simple Ways to Save on Essentials


A gap year is an exciting time and also a daunting one. You’re throwing caution to the wind and seeing the world, but that’s going to require a big financial commitment.

It doesn’t help when day-to-day essentials can be expensive, eating away at your finances before you even start to plan that trip.

But, don’t worry - Our 5 top tips for saving on essentials will help you top up those funds before you finally jump on that plane to adventure…


You need to get your house in order before leaving it behind. Remember, financial trouble will follow you wherever you go, so make sure you’re debt free.

Here’s the thing. Learning to budget is a must, though it’s easier said than done if numbers aren’t your strong point. Ingoings and outgoings can be confusing.

If you’re not a maths wizard, then there are apps out there which do a lot of the organising for you. All you have to do then is stick to the plan!

Not all the apps are free, but those that are provide great value. Money Dashboard gives you a clear overview of your spending so you can make the right financial call.


Use online discounts

If you haven’t looked around for discounts and deals online then you’re missing out.
There is no shortage of offers available for gap year hopefuls.

It’s all to play for. Retailers flood the Internet with them. From fashion freebies to the latest tech, that next bargain is only a couple of clicks away.

Have you thought about cashback? That’s where you’re actually paid to shop. Read more about the wonders of free money for goods and services here.

Plus there isn’t a price tag for some of these offers. After all, the ultimate discount is zero! Much of what’s out there is free, so how can you lose?

Learn to cook

An approaching gap year is the perfect opportunity to bid farewell to fish and chips and kick out the curries. They’re super nice, but also super expensive!

We know what you’re thinking. Home cooking is a drag and takes a lot of complicated planning. You lose precious work hours juggling ingredients.

Not if you have the right app to organise your meals! Fit Men Cook helps you every step of the way, showing how to create quick, delicious and above all cheap dishes.

Going vegetarian is also a recommended option. You cut out fatty meats and save a few quid on tasty alternatives. Read more about the veggie life here.

Get supermarket Savvy

Chances are when you shop you don’t think much about the cost of what goes in your trolley. Supermarkets have a habit of distracting you with offers at every corner!

It doesn’t have to be like this. Did you know that quality essentials like bread are far cheaper at the end of the day, when they’re reduced before they go stale?

Coupons are well worth keeping an eye out for. Whether in your hand or online, they can slash hundreds off your regular shop. The best thing about them is they’re free.

Also you can order from home and save money on trips with an online delivery. Tesco’s Delivery Saver gives you all you need for a small monthly fee.


Walk or cycle

Never mind what it’s going to cost to get on a plane, coach or train for your gap year. Travel is pretty pricey in the first place. This is an area where savings are vital.

It’s a no brainer. If you’re within reasonable distance of your campus or workplace, and can walk or cycle, then you’ve made a powerful saving already.

The health benefits alone make it worth the effort, and you’ll soon notice the effect on your financial well being too.

If you have to rely on public transport, then travel cards shave off the pounds. Young people can enjoy a third off travel via the 16-25 Railcard.

For bigger journeys coach travel is longer but much cheaper. Check out companies such as National Express for sizeable reductions.